Tubular Insulated Can Sleeve

The Tubular insulated can sleeve is the best way to carry beverages or even gear along the top of your bicycle. It attaches easily with 3 velcro straps and has a carrying sling for use off the bike. It will keep cans, bottles, or even a bottle of wine chill for hours when you are out for a ride on the trail, to the park, or to a dinner party with friends.

Built in the USA from upcycled industrial tent fabric, bike tubes, and other durable materials, it is water-resistant and made to last.

If you have an oversize frame, just add our extension straps

Built-in Colorado - Made in the USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty


Hauler Seat PackFatty Handle Bar Bag     

- Insulated

- Hook and loop straps to mount on the bike

- Adjustable shoulder carrying strap


Upcycled Colored Nylon Fabric
Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes
Upcycled Ecopak Fabric                                                                                            Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper
Nylon Fabric



16 L x 3 H x 3 D in.
406.2 x 76.2 x 76.2 mm


3-Cans or 1-Wine Bottle


3.8 oz.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Great idea

    It's never occurred to me to have a bag just for cans that straps to the bike. I have a tiny cooler I have carried on a rack/pannier, and backpacks but this is a great idea. It's a bit pricy given its limited utility, but is very well made. I actually want a second one for those party rides where you want to bring enough to share. You can mount it to a few different locations (rack, handlebar, top tube, etc.) Now I haven't tested this yet in full sun to see how long it keeps stuff cold. I also have not ridden with it yet to see how shaken up the beverage will be when you get to your stop. But it does solve the storage issue, and you can put your trash back in the bag unlike some of the other sixpack type carriers that hang from a top tube. My only recommendation for an upgrade would be to make the velcro straps adjustable so that they can slide back and forth for better flexibility when they don't line up with open space on your mounting area. But I have been able to get 2 out of 3 straps to connect in the various areas I've tried to mount it.

    Jason B.
    Very Nice!

    Unique and well-designed bag. Functions well as a sling and a bar/top tube bag with a clever shoulder strap.

    Siddharth M.

    I ordered the Wild colored one and got hot pink, which I love. It fits perfectly in the frame of my bike along the top tube while leaving space for two large water bottles. I do ride a large bike though. The bag itself doesn’t budge since it has three sturdy straps. The adjustable carrying strap doesn’t interfere with cycling when tight. The bag perfectly fits 2 of those 19.2 ounce stovepipes that are becoming more and more common. I will say it is designed for cans and anything wider, like 500ml bottles, are stretching the limits. It probably won’t fit most bottles of wine like the product description says it can. It’s insulated so when I’m not using it for beer it works well for keeping snacks cool too. Overall it’s great, just don’t expect to fit anything wider than a can in there. It’s a very well made bag and it’s awesome that it’s made from repurposed materials. I will be looking at other bike bags from Green Guru for that reason alone.

    Ross S.
    Works extremely well

    Product is great for keeping three 12 oz beverages cool during lakefront bicycle ride to enjoy on the pier. I also like the silver color. That it’s also made from earth friendly materials is also a plus. Very happy with overall product.

    Steven C.
    This bag is a must!

    Works better than expected and worth every penny! This is my fourth GGG bag!

    Type: Top Tube Bag

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