Green Guru's Recycling Program For Bike Tubes, Wetsuits, Climbing Ropes, Tents and Banners

We collect and recycle old worn out gear, like bike inner tubes, climbing ropes, wetsuits, tents and more through our partners and directly with you. At participating bike shops, outfitters, climbing gyms, surf shops and community partners you can find our recycling bin to divert these otherwise waste streams. See a map of locations below. By choosing to recycle your old gear, we can effectively keep thousands of pounds of materials out of the landfill and give a second life to gear as upcycled Green Guru Gear. So every bicycle tube, wetsuit, tent, pad, rope, etc. that we collect keeps the environment is that much cleaner. 

If you are a Green Guru Recycling Partner and need a pick-up,
please fill out a pick-up request HERE.


We have collected tens of thousands pounds of these old gear streams and been able to repurpose and upcycle these discarded materials into new revitalized gear. Through material processing we are able to remove any overly worn or soiled sections of the gear. We then clean, cut and sew along with recycled and conventional materials into bags, wallets and accessories for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

 How to recycle your:

  • BIKE TUBES (No Slime or Thorn Resistant tubes)
  • WETSUITS (No Booties)

First make sure the gear is really done. We would much rather you get a full life out of it first before we helped upcycle it. If it is a bike tube consider patching it, the same with a tent. If it is really worn out or dangerous to use we want to help give it that second life.

Once that has been determined, we recommend you look for a local recycling partner in the locator map below. We have many partnerships with great retail shops. If you don't have a local recycling partner, you can send the materials directly to us.

Interested in becoming a Recycle Partner? Fill out a contact form and we will respond within 48 hours.


Upcycling Center - Contact Form & Local Pick Up Request
Green Guru Upcycling Contact Form

2500 47th Street Unit 12 
Boulder, CO 80301


PLEASE NOTE: We do not pay for the shipping of materials to be upcycled. We are very grateful for your contribution in diverting these materials from your local landfills.

If you are sending tubes, please be sure they do not have slime and if you can cut them with scissors at the valve that will help them pack easier. Please no wetsuit booties.

 As for shipping we suggest USPS Medium or Large Flat Rate Box crammed with as much as old gear waste you may have. If you have larger volume we suggest UPS Ground.

In return for sending gear you will receive a discount code for new gear emailed to you, so please be sure to include your email when sending in gear to be recycled. 


Recycling Program Partner Locations