About Us

Green Guru's Mission Statement

Upcycle materials into great products, provide recycling source for adventure sports, and create tangible environmental awareness.

Our Story

 Inside a small warehouse in Boulder Colorado, a team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts work to create change in the outdoor and cycling sports industry. They know that the gear they need to actively participate in outdoor activities only damages the beloved mountains they climb, trails they ride, and the air they breathe. They certainly weren’t going to stop playing outside, so they decided to manufacture their own products in a more responsible way.

Here lies the birth of Green Guru. Born in 2005, the company uses waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, through that they brought used materials back to life as bags, bike bags, and accessories. All of the products in the Green Guru brand started out as something else, it may be a bike tube, a wetsuit, or a billboard. By keeping these valuable materials out of landfills, the folks at Green Guru can adventure with a good conscious, knowing they are doing what they can to protect the playgrounds that we all know and love.

The word “upcycle” as it’s called at Green Guru begins with products obtained mostly from “recycling stations.” Local bike and outdoor shops offer incentives for customers donating used gear before they purchase new products from there shop, they also have the benefit of customers coming into the shop to recycle there used bike tubes. Companies like REI and bike shops donate their used bike tubes or collections to make most of our products, and organizations like Outward Bound give us their old climbing ropes for bracelets and zipper pulls. Patagonia and Sea World in LA and San Diego also supplies the company with used wetsuits that we use for laptop sleeves and beverage Koozies.

The donated goods then go to the Green Guru warehouse in Boulder where they are processed and sorted for the various products they will become, they travel less than a few miles, to our manufacturers that can handle large-scale production. By making Green Guru products close to home, we sup¬port the local economy while protecting the environment.

“We’re just trying to get people excited and inspire people to be participating in the Green Guru brand. By donating waste materials and buying our products consumers can be a part of the cycle and help our environment by reusing materials that would other¬wise be sitting in our landfills.”

Green Guru aims at affecting real change through greener practices. By making use of used bike inner tubes, wetsuits, and climbing rope Green Guru closes the loop in the traditional product life cycle and lets outdoor products live a new life. Years of design and experimentation have enabled the company to grow from a small group of designs into a catalog of performance-orientated products that exceed social, quality and sustainability standards.

For more information on Green Guru or if you would like to schedule an
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Our business is built on a foundation of sustainable actions. We ask difficult questions about processes and create real solutions that help us reduce waste and raise efficiency. This process benefits our organization as well as our business partners on many different levels.

As the amount of materials we reclaim, jobs we create and products we manufacture increases, we are able to realize positive social, environmental and economic change by creating an organization that has the foundation needed to flourish into our future.

We are B-Corp certified and have a gold level status with the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.


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