Alchemy Goods- Delridge Belt


Please refer to our sizing chart, located in the Delridge Belt's image gallery, for your belt size.

The Ag reversible Delridge Belt is made from a reclaimed bicycle inner tube and a colorful band of recycled polyester webbing. A matte black military style buckle allows you to wear the belt with the tube side out, or colorful webbing side out to vary your look. Durable, stylish and eco-friendly, the Delridge is available in 3 colors and 4 sizes.


A1258-28 = 28”-32” 38.5 L x 1.25 H x .15 D in. 
A1258-32 = 32”-36” 42 L x 1.25 H x .15 D in. 
A1258-36 = 36”-40” 46 L x 1.25 H x .15 D in. 
A1258-40 = 40”-44” 50 L x 1.25 H x .15 D in. 

A1258-28 = 28”-32” 4.0 oz/ g
A1258-32 = 32”-36” 4.1 oz/ g
A1258-36 = 36”-40” 4.6 oz/ g
A1258-40 = 40”-44” 4.9 oz/ g


  • Bicycle Inner Tubes
  • Nylon Webbing
  • Metal Buckle

Made in Washington

Built in the USA

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sizing Chart

    Type: Belts

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