Bike Bag Guide

The gear you need, depends on what you ride! What type of rider are you? 

Do you dream about loading your bike with camping gear and taking your rig on a multi-day adventure?  
Do your rides take you on cruises around town to see friends, run errands, or commute to work?  
Do you take your bike on long, asphalt missions to see how far you can pedal (sometimes wearing spandex, which is totally fine, we get it)? 
Do you compare the beauty of riding your fixie, to the beauty of life? Do you skid stop to make yourself feel better about things? 
Do you rejoice, unlike most cyclists, when the snow falls, but at the same time could think of no better use of your time than taking your fat bike to Baja?
Do you think more about sending single track than your own health? Does the sight of a full-suspension, mountain bike on pavement make you feel a bit uncomfortable?