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Representing: Pennsylvania

Vee and Scott met over 10 years ago and instantly became best friends. Scott was a cyclist and Vee was into dancing, but Scott somehow convinced her to get on a bike and train for some charity rides. As the years went on, Scott continued to ride and Vee began to run and started her journey into fitness instruction. Over a four year period, she ran two back to back 50k trail races, 6 marathons, and 57 half marathons, while also becoming certified in 30 different group exercise formats. During that time, Scott picked up a camera and developed a passion for photography, which led him to work with the Colavita | Bianchi Pro Women’s team, and other pro teams and cyclists. Then, in May of 2015, they went from best friends, to husband and wife.

For them, they love supporting each other in their passions just as much as pursuing them. For Scott, he loves following Vee on a bike with his camera slung over his shoulder, taking pictures and motivating her along the way or shooting a fitness class and seeing how much joy she has in helping motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, Vee has followed Scott around countless race courses carrying extra gear and supplies when they have shot races from local crits, to the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic, to the 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia. When it's his turn to get on the bike, she jumps behind the camera and offers a good heckle or two to keep him going at cyclocross races. With that kind of support, they have came up with #TeamKICKASS. They might not be the fastest in the competition, but they are out there doing what they love as a team.
  Scott and Vee
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Favorite Green Guru Items
Bi-FoldBi-Fold wallet Wallet: This was one of my first Green Guru items. It’s been going strong for 5 years now. It still looks brand new. I like having two compartments in the cash area to keep cash and receipts/coupons/tickets separated. It holds everything I need to carry with me.
Ruckus BackpackRuckus Backpack: I’ve had both versions of the bag. It has hauled my things all over the US and Europe. For the office, I can carry two laptops, charging cables, note books, bluetooth keyboard, pens, and all kinds of odds and ends, and still have plenty of room left. On the weekend, I can stuff it with clothes and travel to races. 
What I love about all of these items is how durable they are. If you look at my original Ruckus bag, wallet, or belt, they all look like they did when I first got them years ago. It’s great to know that things like bicycle tubes, jeep tops, street signs, and other items are being upcycled and not ending up in landfills. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the recycled banner bags and putting their durability to the test.