Brand Ambassador: Ryan Van Duzer



Representing: Boulder, CO

What does you average day look like: My average day is always different. It always involves travel,  running, hiking or goofing around with friends. 

Activities I Love: Riding my bike, running in the hills behind my house, playing my music loud and jumping around my house, traveling, adventuring, documenting adventures, and burritos, lots of burritos.

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 Favorite Green Guru Products

High Roller Backpack & Pannier: I love the High Roller because I do a lot of bike touring (and bike commuting). It's the perfect mix of pannier, and backpack. I use it on my bike to carry groceries, then put it on my back when I need to be on two feet.




Cruiser Cooler Handlebar Bike Bag: The Cruiser Cooler is probably my most used Green Guru item. It's super easy to take on and off, and holds the little things I need when I'm on the run (like cameras, sunscreen, beer, maps, and food). I have a fleet of bikes, and it's always on my handlebars, leading the way!