Brand Ambassador Ruby Gertz



Representing: New York

Who am I: I'm a regular bike commuter, bicycle tourist, and art educator from Brooklyn, NY. My bicycle activism is centered around women's health and empowerment, as well as environmental sustainability. I am a ride leader and volunteer officer for WEBike NYC and rode cross-country (San Fran --> Boston) in spring of 2015 for Sustainable Cycles.

Bike Riding Tip:  Women are often conditioned to value how our bodies look over what they can do for us. Bicycles have the power to liberate us from our excessive dependence on fossil fuels and connect us to our bodies as tools for navigating our environment rather than burdensome objects. While biking across the US I learned to listen to my body, treat it with love, kindness, and respect, and always keep an emergency jar of peanut butter in my pannier!

Favorite Green Guru Products 

Carbon Cooler Pannier: I love the spacious design and the compact cutting board that can also be used to keep the bottom of the bag flat and stable. My friend and I took two of these on tour and used the cutting board almost every day to prepare meals. It also fit a whole lot of stuff and was very waterproof, even when we got caught in a massive downpour! After the tour I worked part time doing bicycle deliveries and used my Carbon Cooler to keep food orders warm, dry, and upright. The pockets on either side worked great for holding drinks, too. This bag has been everywhere with me, and I highly recommend it!