Brand Ambassador: Michael Armadoros



Representing: Miami, FL

Average DayI’m the type of the person that likes to do absolutely nothing when I wake up expect for shower and brush my teeth. Breakfast is ‘on the go’ and I’m usually in the office by 7:15 AM. A typical day consists of maintaining social media accounts across 10+ platforms, generating daily content based on new product, crafting B2B emails, and managing sponsorship requests on behalf of our organization. I consider myself lucky that JBI.BIKE allows me to work around my own schedule. Generally speaking, I put in however many hours required for the projects and campaigns I’m working on and then head back home. This gives me some time to hop on my Fix8 to mash around South Beach or quickly head over to the local MTB trails to enjoy some miles in the woods during sunset. My girlfriend and I cook every night (well, she’s more of the chef and I make sure to handle all the clean up). We spend our evenings enjoying amazing views of SoBe and Downtown Miami from our new apartment, watching TV, or riding to our friends houses just to hang out. I’m an avid gamer in my spare time (which seems to dwindle more that more as you get older) and recently started an MBA program in International Business at FAU. You can definitely say I like to keep busy!

Activities I Love: MTB, urban cycling, being outside, and technology.

 Favorite Green Guru Products

Green Guru Commuter BackpackGreen Guru Gear Commuter Backpack: This pack practically weighs nothing. Storage space is perfect (able to fit a 6-pack of beer and groceries for a few days without a worry) and it has kept everything inside the main compartment dry when having to pedal back through those South Florida rainstorms that come out of nowhere. Everyone is always impressed with the construction. Very much recommended for anyone looking fo a go-to bag.



Green Guru Multi-Color Travel KitMulti-Color Travel Kits: These kits are perfecting for the person who needs organization in their everyday life. I also use the smaller one for tolietries on weekend trips and the larger one for loner excursions. The material is very easy to clean which means I don't have to worry about the toothpaste I always splatter on the inside. The vibrant colors make it east to spot, which means I also don't have a hard time finding it in my pack - or remembering to grab it before leaving the hotel.