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Latest Update: Recently I have been mountain biking a lot! A few weeks ago, I raced the Lo-Fi Colorado Super-D State Championships in Eagle, Colorado. I had a great race, and after some timing mix-ups (event was not chip-timed), I was given a 2nd place finish in the Pro Women's field. It was my first Super-D race ever and I would definitely do it again!

Last weekend, I raced the 7th annual Beti Bike Bash in Castle Rock, Colorado. This is a women's only event and the only one of its kind in the world! There was a great group of Pro Women that showed up to participate, 15 in total. It was a blistering hot day at 98 degrees and a full-sun course, so staying cool was key! After going out a little too hard, I settled back in and was able to hold onto 4th place in the Pro women's field. Good training for the cyclocross season to come!
This time of year it is really important to take care of your bikes and check settings regularly to ensure a great ride. I always run through the following steps before I go out on a trail ride:
1. Lube and clean chain- make sure there is no large deposits of dirt and grease that could build up and eventually break your chain
2. Check shock pressure- front and rear if applicable. Varying hot and cool temperatures can alter our shock settings and even make pressure "leak" or go down since the last time you checked- so check frequently.
3. Check tire pressure- same notes as above.
And always bring at least a multi-tool with you on your rides!

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