Brand Ambassador Becki Lee

Green Guru Brand Ambassador 


Representing: Colorado & Delaware

What does your average day look like: My days are never typical or average - I never keep a schedule (a blessing and a curse!). Being a small business owner, I try to touch base my family and loved ones as they keep my creative juices flowing and encourage me to work even harder. playing outside definitely helps me stay smiling throughout the day - and of course, feeding my mind & body with encouraging words & nutrition that I believe in!

Activities I Love: I love to hike, explore, and frolic with my dog when time allows aka ALWAYS. :)

Eco Tip: Upcycling is a HUGE part of my life. I grew up having a compost pile in my life (which I thought was the weirdest thing, but now I realize is the raddest thing ever). I always recycle the silver I use in my business so that it doesn't just go to waste, and I try to buy or barter for the the second hand items whenever I can.  Making small steps totally makes a difference - start with carrying a reusuable water bottle with you wherever you go - move on with keeping a togo container with you when you go to restaurants. Always keep a reusable bag in your purse or in your car. It's the little things that will actively make a difference. 

Favorite Green Guru Products

Becki Lee Green Guru AmbassadorCommuter Backpack: I absolutely love this bag! It's diverse enough to use as a carry on for my travels, as well as on day hikes, camping, and carrying all of my beach and surf essentials! The velcro on WAY strong, and I always feel like belongings are secure. I use this bag every single day. The adjustable front straps makes it one of the versatile pieces in my wardrobe.  

Green Guru Medium Upcycled Travel Kit




Medium Multi-Colored Travel Kit: Definitely a daily item I never knew I could live without! I have used it to hold makeup while traveling, as well as hold personal belongings. I can also clip it onto my Commuter Backpack while backpacking. It's pretty & sturdy & sustainable - the perfect thing.