Have you ever been referred to as a gear junkie, dirt bagger, van lifer, bike snob, commuter, or bikepacker? Do you consider yourself to be an outdoor influencer? Do you spend more time living outside than you do inside?

If so, then Green Guru Gear has an opportunity for you!

We're looking to fill Adventure Guru spots for 3 different types of adventurers. 

We need:

  • Bikepacking, single track slaying, photography eyed cyclists.
  • Commuting, errand running, do-everything-by-bike, photography eyed cyclists.
  • Adventure hounding, early morning rising, rock climbing, traveling, photographing, cycling, do-everything extraordinaires.


  • Put somewhere in your all your social bios that you're a "Adventure Guru @GreenGuruGear."
  • Post 1 extremely rad photo of you with Green Guru Gear, using relevant hashtags, a description, and tagging @GreenGuruGear, at least, once per week.

What's In It For You?

1. Free Green Guru Gear 

2. Opportunity to make M-O-N-E-Y by joining our Affiliate Program and getting a referral link.

3. Being part of an eco-movement to help curb climate change and make the planet a healthier place. 

How the Affiliate Program Works

1. After approved to become a Adventure Guru, we'll send you a link to use to sign up for the affiliate program.

2. Once you're signed up, then you'll get access to an affiliate dashboard that will have a custom referral link that you can use on your blog and social media posts to drive traffic to

3. Any traffic that converts to purchases, earns you 40% of the revenue from those purchases.

For example...

You might take a photo of you mountain biking in Moab and sporting a rad Hauler Bike Pack from Green Guru Gear. You'll then take that photo and post it to a social media website like Facebook. In your post, you'll explain who the gear is from and tell your followers that they can purchase one just like yours through Green Guru's Online store by clicking on your referral link. One of your friends from high school clicks on that link and purchases the Hauler Bike Pack that retails for $100. In that scenario, you make $40.00, because you get 40% of the revenue you generate from your custom referral link. 

Essentially, the more Green Guru Gear content you post with your referral link the more likely you are to make money. 


Send an email to Green Guru Gear's Marketing Coordinator - with the following:

  • Instagram or Facebook worthy photo of you adventuring in the outdoors.
  • Links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or blog. 
  • Description of what you do on the day-to-day and why you're the right person to become an Adventure Guru.