Freerider 31L Pannier

The Freerider is a simple pannier for a lifestyle on the go. When you need to carry your pack, groceries, or gym clothes, this pannier features an open top for convenient loading. Two simple cinch straps keep your belongings secure.

Note: Each bag is unique in its color mix due to the upcycled nature of the materials.

Built-in Colorado - Made in the USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Adjustable to fit most racks
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Haul handles
  • Reflective triangle
  • Upcycled Colorful Nylon Fabrics
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Nylon Hardware and Metal Hardware
  • Hook and Loop
  • Upcycled Street Sign
  • Metal Rack Hooks
  • HDPE Plastic Framesheet


12 L x 16 H x 10 D in.

304.8 x 406.4 x 254 mm


1920 cu. in.

31 L


2 lb. 5 oz.

1134 g 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Better Than Any Other Option

    I searched around online for hours and ended up going with this bag holder from Green Guru. (Seems sold out on the website but you can find it elsewhere online)

    I have two on my bike. Been using it for 1/2 a year now, works great and it supposedly made from recycled fabrics. You simply plop your bag in it and go, and it folds away when not in use. Also useful for hauling large items in general.

    I wanted a bag holder instead of an actual bag or backpack pannier because:

    No worries about theft, no need to take the panniers with me, since it's just an empty foldaway rack

    No worries about dirt etc from riding getting onto my clothes etc, unlike a backpack-pannier that you have to wear. The holder shields the actual backpack from the dirt
    I chose this instead of a crate on top of the rack for the lower center of gravity (I initially went with a collapsible crate that I was going to attach to the top of the rack, but now I can actually haul things in the two Green Guru holders and still have room on the top of the rack to strap more things on, especially if it's oversized)

    Best all time haul everything bag

    I bought this bag many (10 or more ?) years ago on a Kickstarter. It’s still going strong. We use it for everything. It even fits a while CASE of almond milk in the box. You can adjust it and fit just about anything. It’s amazing for groceries- we fit 2 bags in here, stacked. Highly recommend it. Only problem- I don’t see the black version any more. Regardless- this bag style is the best!!! You won’t believe what you can fit and carry in it. I even put a bolt of fabric in it once, sticking up, but synched down and secure. Truly amazing.

    Great bag

    Love this bag but I miss the bolts to attach it to the rack so it won't get stolen. Velcro is ok too. Thanks for upcycling the fabric.

    Valerie S.
    Freerider pannier is attractive and useful

    The Freerider pannier has lived up to my expectations so far. It has been convenient to use and holds a sufficient number of items. I can fold it up easily when I am not using it, and I carry it by the handles while in a store. On top of these benefits, it is created out of recycled materials which are colorful and durable.

    Josh R.
    Great gobs of guru goodness

    The bags were of higher quality than I even expected! I was a bit disappointed that I missed the earth day sale- I would have added more to my order, otherwise, a great product!

    Type: Pannier

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