ID Card Wallet

The simple card wallet keeps your ID visible with a window and two pockets for keeping credit cards organized. Get rid of the lump in your back pocket to make sitting more comfortable, reduce back strain, and foil pickpockets. Made of upcycled bicycle inner tubes, it stretches to hold all you can put in it and returns to its original size when emptied.

Built-in Colorado - Made in the USA - Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Slim design for cards and cash
  • Clear identification card window
  • Two main card slots
  • Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes
  • Upcycled Clear Vinyl Window


2.5 H x 4 W x 0.5 D in.

63.5 x 101.6 x 12.7 mm


1 oz

28 g



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      Type: Wallet

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