5 Bike Gifts for Your Rad Mom

April 20, 2017


Gift giving for your adventurous, outdoorsy mom can be difficult — the usual gifts don't cut it, but that new full suspension mountain bike or squirrel suit might have to wait until a later date.

So what’s a child or wife or husband to do?

Get her some Green Guru Gear, it’s built to last through all the adventures mom can throw at it, and it’s made out of 100% upcycled, vegan materials, so she'll be proud of your purchasing decision.

Here's 5 gifts that she'll love!

#1: Dutchy Pannier

The Dutchy is made from upcycled bicycle inner tubes and can handle any adventure your rad mom fancies taking it on. From easy jaunts around town to flying down dirt roads with kids in tow, the Double Dutch will be their go-to pannier for everything.

#2: Commuter Backpack

Does your mom need something that’ll look good on the beach, in the city, or on the commuter to work?

Our pick for those specifics is The Commuter. It’s made out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes and street sign scraps, and crafted to carry the necessities and then some. 

#3: Pedaler 17L Messenger

The Pedaler is one of our smaller messengers, but is still insanely packable and will keep your mother or wife's life organized. The Pedaler is designed with upcycled, brightly colored fabrics. It’s sure to get your mom noticed on and off the commute.

#4: Double Dutch Dual Panniers 

Most companies require you to buy two panniers at double the price. At Green Guru, we think that’s just downright silly. Get the Double Dutch Dual Panniers for those times when your awesome mom needs to haul groceries for the whole family. 

#5: Free Rider Pannier

Sometimes your rad mom just wants to drink a glass of wine and eat some dinner with her friends. She doesn't want to deal with anyone else but herself. For those moms (every mom), we present the Free Rider Pannier. It's super packable and can haul anything you can fit in it.