This heavy-duty, sharp-looking belt appears to be leather, but it is actually made from upcycled bicycle tubes. Great for eco-friendly style, this belt includes a metal buckle closure and looks great with jeans and dress pants alike.


Removable metal buckle - use your own buckles

Fabric backing for easy looping

Built in Colorado

Made in the USA


Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes

Nylon Fabric

Metal Buckle


S- 38 L x 1.5 H x 0.5 D in.

965.2 x 38.1 x 12.7 mm

M- 43 L x 1.5 H x 0.5 D in.

1092.2 x 38.1 x 12.7 mm

L- 48 L x 1.5 H x 0.5 D in.  

1219.2 x 38.1 x 12.7 mm

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