The Dash is designed to keep your phone, GPS, or map within easy reach on your bike. Maps and smartphones can be viewed through a clear window. Inside you can stash your lunch, shades, sunscreen, or a couple of beverages. Manufactured from upcycled bicycle inner tubes, this is a great accessory for any bicycle.


  • Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes
  • Upcycled Nylon Fabrics
  • Upcycled Clear Vinyl from Truck Tops
  • HDPE Plastic Framesheet
  • Hook & Loop
  • Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper


6.5 L x 8.5 H x 3 D in.

165.1 x 215.9 x 76.2 mm


126 cu. in.

2 L


5.5 oz

156 g


  • Clear vinyl top pocket for your phone or maps
  • Stormproof exterior
  • Universal handlebar mounting hook & loop
  • Zippered compartment for your belongings

Built in Colorado

Made in the USA

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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