Brand Ambassador Jake Ryan



Representing: Arizona/Utah

A Day in the Life of Jake.

Jake starts the day amidst a mess of gear,
Preps his bike and straps down his Green Guru pannier,
A zombie till the espresso gives him a little hop,
He bikes to work in a typical flannel top,
Working as a canyoneering guide,
To teach people how to put the world aside,
And fully be encompassed by nature,
To learn some rope and climbing behavior.
He is stoked that something he loves is his job,
And hopes the canyons will be the clients next heart throb.
Adventures to him are not want but need,
And the people he has them with are a small unique creed.
He straddles his bike and departs a tad after four,
To go get some climbing done, he loves to feel sore.
Bouldering, leading, top rope (not yet trad!),
He’s yet to flash a V6, he wants it so bad.
Back on his long hauler and he’s heading for home,
Get’s side tracked and goes for a cycling roam.
Arrives at his house and stirs up some curry,
Get’s a little in his beard because he is way to furry,
Takes off on a run to try to shorten his time,
So on the next trail run he can hit his prime.
We missed a lot like acro, beer, pizza and sustainability,
And because he is lucky, a girlfriend and family who give him stability.
Jake hopes you enjoyed this long rhyming rapport,
Because he is stoked to be a Green Guru Ambassador!


Favorite Green Guru Products

Ruckus Backpack: I have been using this sack for almost a year, I’ve hauled canyon, climbing and biking gear (not to mention good beer). At first I thought it’d only be good for biking, slowly, I started to bring the Ruckus hiking. Then it went to summits and some canyon floor, but just because this is a jingle doesn’t mean it’s a lore.This thing kicks but, not a tear or rip yet. That's through three 14ers, four canyons, lots of hiking and please don’t forget, hundreds of miles cycling through rain, desert and streets. Though waterproofing is not one of it’s feats, it holds up to the elements and keeps my stuff somewhat dry and neat. Overall it is rugged, durable and comfy, just a little bit hunky. This thing performs well for this mountain/canyon acrobat, plus.. My life is a ruckus and now my gear reflects that.

But in all seriousness.
+Durable (still doesn’t have any indication of wear after a year)
+Unique (Always get asked about it by fellow bikers)
+Visible (Reflectors on it enhance my visibility and I had a lot of late night classes)
+Ability to be filled to the brim with gear or used for just classes.
+Comfy straps and back.

-A little heavy, but it is a trade off for the durability. Plus, the weight only gets to me in canyons and climbing. Not the intended use but it still kicks butt!

Bi-Fold wallet
ID Bi-Fold Wallet: This thing is simplistic, tiny, durable and one of a kind. Always starts conversations about the organization. It is a little small but I carry little and never mind. I’ve gotten it wet, muddy, and sweaty all over the nation. It stays resilient and is easy to clean. I never have to switch in between, my “proper wallet” and this one. I was tired of carrying it anyways, I was done. I am excited to try out it’s bigger brother, but that is the problem with Green Guru, You always want another. 

But in all seriousness.
+Simplistic (just enough for me to fit ID, some cash and a card.)
+Small (carry them in my front pocket comfortably.)
+Starts conversations with people about the organization when I pull it out.
+Is made of the bike tube and tough fabric stuff so when I go on adventures I am not concerned about ruining it.
+Also very durable, still no signs of wear after a little over a year.

-Super tiny, not for the fella or lady with a book of cards!