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Ecologic Designs is the private label arm of Green Guru Gear. We work with organizations to manufacture OEM, Private Label and Co-Branded products made from either your waste or materials we’ve previously reclaimed. Our services deliver bold and unique promotional and resale goods that impress your stakeholders.

Today, consumers desire products that are manufactured responsibly – ones that benefit people and our planet. The fact that we produce everything domestically means we stimulate the U.S. economy and significantly reduce the negative impacts of globalization.

Since Ecologic Designs is committed to a sustainable business model and manufacturing practices, your organization can leverage our credibility to add value to your campaign. Cut waste management costs, leverage your marketing budget, make a profit from something you would normally discard. Create products with Ecologic Designs and increase your triple bottom line.


Why Ecologic Designs

Believe in the potential of reclaimed, recycled and renewable materials to find new life close to the source. Rather than leaving scraps, seconds, returns or excess fabric and components to disposal or incineration, employ Ecologic Designs to evaluate their potential.

Recognize market demand is a powerful force, one that creates value in high-potential materials. By harnessing consumer pull for innovative, functional and fashionable products, Ecologic Designs gives clients a meaningful edge in the marketplace.

Connect with practical visionaries, leaders who have already converted their passion into engaging products. The list of Ecologic Designs clients continues to grow and includes notable U.S. and global brands with a passion for sustainable success.

Our product design methodology exemplifies best practices in solid waste management and soft-goods manufacture. At its core is sustainability, which to us means optimizing repurposed waste material to create extremely profitable promotional and resale products while benefitting society and our planet as much as possible in the process. There are many factors to consider, and the situation is rarely black and white.


“When we committed to using billboard space to promote our Team Wonderbike program as a public service announcement, the deciding factor was our ability to turn the sign materials into usable bike messenger bags through Ecologic Designs. They helped walk us through the process, turned everything around in a timely fashion and they were super accommodating throughout. In the end, we got a bike advocacy message out to hundreds of thousands of Denver motorists and produced more than 300 bike messenger bags for our Team Wonderbike members. It was a great campaign with virtually no waste.”
Bryan Simpson, New Belgium Brewing

“Our client, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), is committed to drastically reducing their environmental impact over the next decade. With the help of Ecologic Designs, we were able to recycle the vinyl from street banners previously hanging at the airport and create some beautiful tote bags and portfolio covers. SFO loved the idea! Instead of dumping old banner vinyl in the landfill somewhere, we were able to use it to create items that people can use over and over again. You gotta love that! It was a pleasure working with the folks at Ecologic Designs, and I can’t wait to make more cool stuff in the future!”
Tom Gilhuley, Senior Production Manager, The M-Line

“I had a decent amount of wetsuits and material that we were unable to sell because of fabric quality. I had been looking for a company that could up-cycle them for me and within a day I had a response. In a week I had three different products. The response has been overwhelming. These guys really have focused in on a niche that companies can benefit from and consumers can feel good about.”
Jason McCaffrey, Surf Division Manager, Patagonia

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This will send you to our Ecologic Designs website.

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